A wild mushroom from Kerala, Singapura forest.
(PS: record shot.)

Date/Time :

08 Nov 2008 11:16 

Location- Place, altitude and GPS:

Singapura, Western ghats, Hill region, Reserve forest

Between Palakkad and Mukkali (Silent Valley),  Kerala, 3000 feet, 

Habitat- garden/ urban/wild/type:

Wild, edges of a forest stream

Plant Habit-tree/shrub/climber/herb:



~ 1-2 cm width / 2 cms 

 Mushroom Cap (Pileus) Shape/ color 

Sunken / White and brown colors alternate/ Small sized – 

The Fungi in the attached photo is ……. Cookeina tricholoma (Mont.) Kuntze., Sarcoscyphaceae (Ascomycetes). Synonyms: Peziza tricholoma Mont., (1834), Pilocratera tricholoma (Mont.) Henn., and Trichoscypha tricholoma (Mont.) Cooke, (1889). Apothecia are goblet to funnel-shaped with an inrolled margin, 1–2 cm (0.4–0.8 in) in diameter, with slender stipes that are 1–3 cm (0.4–1 in) tall, The apothecia are conspicuously hairy; hairs stiff, bristle-like, fasciculate, and usually 2–3 mm long. Its asci are 280–350 × 13–18 µm. The ascospores pointed-ellipsoid, surface with fine, longitudinal ridges, biguttulate, 25–35 × 11–13.5 µm. The typical habitat is on wood like twigs and rotten tree limbs, at low altitudes (usually below 1000 m), in the tropics.This is one of the species of bright colored cup fungi that grow on wood in the tropics. The copious hairs on the outside of the cup readily distinguish C. tricholoma.

Yes …, this is Cookeina tricholoma. We have collected this species on dead wood in Forest depot of Balaghat (M.P.)

Looks different from images of Cookeina tricholoma at