Mysterious and mystifying……..Linking the land with the sea…….either by choice or compulsion, growing and thriving in the most brutal & hostile environment….In turn, creating a place where the most delicate creatures can find safety and refuse.

Nature’s “Gully Boy” of the coastline.

Let’s romance with the Mangroves once again on 7th April at Talzan!

Let’s find out how they are living, breathing and evolving on the edge of the Ocean!!!

Mangrove Walk:   on 7th April,2019 at 8 am

Venue                :       Talzan, Charkop sector 8, Kandivali West.

Meeting Point :        At the last bus stop of Bus No.276. Bus start from        Kandivali (west side) station and get down at the last bus stop. If you are taking Auto, say Charkop sector 8, last bus stop of 276.


Please carry water, wear cap and proper shoes.

Google Maps link to the meeting point….


Registration is compulsory as the path is very narrow and difficult for large number of people to pass through……we are taking 50 people and request you to send the email to both of us for registration……


Usha Desai  :

Renee          :


makes me want to fly out to mumbai
have a wonderful trip


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