Fungus growing on dead tree bark.

the first one looks like coral fungus. There r various forms and colors of coral fungus. Don’t know exact ID

On the yellow coral fungus I am going to quote a friend, … from Pune:
“”Coral fungi, also sometimes called antler fungi, are mushrooms that are so named due to their resemblance to aquatic coral or antlers.
Initially all classified in the genus Clavaria, they were later split out into several genera including Clavicorona, Clavulina, Clavulinopsis, Macrotyphula, Ramaria and Ramariopsis. Some superficially similar species are not so closely related; the fairy club genus Clavariadelphus belongs to the family Gomphaceae, while the genus Calocera is an entirely different organism of the class Dacrymycetes. Coral fungi can be similar in appearance to jelly fungi.
They are often brightly colored, mostly oranges, yellows, or reds, and usually grow in older mature forests. Some coral fungi are saprotrophic on decaying wood, while others are commensal or even parasitic.
In the meanwhile, I have contacted some knowledgeable persons for identifying some of my mushrooms from SGNP, Mumbai and hope to share it on this forum.
Perhaps one day we will have common names of mushrooms whereby identification is easier. For instance, Jew’s Ear is an interesting name and easily remembered.

Both these fungi are coral fungi. I have tried to identify the second on. What I could gather from the picture is, that it looks like Clavulina cristata or some other species of Clavulina as this is not absolutely white, and C. cristata is white. Clavulina occurs in groups on soil or on wood. Its form is white or grey, has a densely tufted and repeatedly branching fruiting body, which is fringed at the tip i.e. coral-like.
Please confirm.