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Plant and flower picture attached. 
Location: Sangu Matamuri Wildlife Sanctuary, Bandarban 
Picture taken: February, 2019

the first picture seems to be a mixture of stuff one needs to study diligently. the right corner could be lichen, there is more on the left part of the picture. the brown thing a fallen flower past its prime? or a mushroom, same past its prime? but most intriguing is the greying crusted structures with cracks showing something red underneath in the left side of the picture. the red= red soil underneath, but where would one find red soil in Bangladesh/east Bengal?? the crusted “soil” is most likely blue green algae that has dried up and crusted. a microbiology department should investigate it. and what are those round short tubes opening?? some beetle? crab? sea creature hiding in mud? Or am i reading it all wrong and its a dead wood woth lichen and blue green algae growing, drying up and dying on it.???

the second picture. there is an orchid and a mistletoe, probably one of the Amyema spp. what is the host tree? tell us what are all these elements?

Thanks … Please find the closeup crop.
Image 1: The plant
Image 2: The flower (the funnel shape), not the smaller two (it is flower of Boilum tree)
Note: The hot tree is Dipterrocarpus sp,