Bracket Fungi for ID-100210-RK3 : 3 posts by 3 authors. 1 image.

Pic taken 7.15 am on 10-12-09 in Edamalayar
Forest, Thattekad, Kerala.
Request full ID & any further information

This fungus is Stereum radiatum but basidiocarps are already dead. while you take your next photo of a fungus not only take the picture from the top side [hymenium side] but from the below [ gills side] it help to identify the species as well as genus in most cases. Anyways nice photo thanks for uploading funal photo.

May be some Polyporaceae member as per comparative images herein.

Rather more closer to Coltricia species as per details and images herein.

May be some Microporus species as per details at Microporus xanthopus

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