Gennaria griffithii (Hook.f.) X.H.Jin & D.Z.Li, Biodivers. Sci. 23: 240 (2015) (syn: Diphylax griffithii (Hook.f.) Kraenzl.; Dithrix decipiens Soó, genus name not validly publ.; Dithrix griffithii (Hook.f.) Ormerod & Gandhi; Habenaria decipiens Hook.f., not validly publ.; Habenaria griffithii Hook.f.; Nujiangia griffithii (Hook.f.) X.H.Jin & D.Z.Li);
Afghanistan; China South-Central; India; Pakistan; West Himalaya as per Catalogue of Life;
Afghanistan to W. Himalaya, China (Yunnan), SW. India as per WCSP;


Peristylus elisabethae submission : 11 posts by 7 authors. Attachments (5)- around 500 kb each.

Peristylus elisabethae
Elisabeth’s Peristylus
Family – Orchidaceae
Photographed at Kullu district, Himachal Pradesh 
Altitude – 1700 meters asl
Dated – 12 April 2019

wonderful terrstrial small green flowered orchid if you pull the roots out does it root back  in the same soil or do you have to plant it in pots and take daily care ?

Thanks … They may root back in the same soil depending on the favourable climatic conditions at that time. I found this orchid unexpectedly while i was searching for Morchella sp. It was growing in Apple orchard along borders in shady moist location.

This is Diphylax griffithii now called Gennaria griffithii. Thanks for sharing.

Thanks … for correcting me. I was waiting for your reply as i was also uncertain about id because the altitude and flowering months were also not matching with P. elisabethae, however i had thought it might be early flowering due to low altitude. It matches Gennaria griffithii (Diphylax griffithii).


Orchid ID (Gennaria griffithii) for validation: 3 images.
I saw a small population of this terrestrial Orchid at the lower elevations of H.P. (Approx. 750m) which resembles Gennaria griffithii.  Kindly validate the ID.

I guess the ID is correct

Gennaria griffithii. Strange I have seen this at around 2000 m in Binoj. 750m sounds too low to me

Thank you for validating the ID.
I was also surprised to find two small populations of Gennaria griffithii at this altitude. I was only able to locate two habitats, each with a small population of 4-5 orchids.