Allium prattii C.H.Wright, J. Linn. Soc., Bot. 36: 124 1903. (syn: Allium cannifolium H.Lév.; Allium ellipticum Wall. ex Kunth [Invalid]; Allium prattii var. ellipticum F.T.Wang & Tang; Allium prattii var. vinicolor F.T.Wang & Tang; Allium victorialis var. angustifolium Hook.f.);

Nepal to C. China as per WCSP;
China North-Central; China South-Central; China Southeast; East Himalaya;
Myanmar; Nepal;
Qinghai; Tibet
as per Catalogue of Life



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kindly help me to ID this Allium species found within Spruce forest at an altitude above 3000 m. Smelling of Garlic

leaves are similar to one seen in a Alium ursinum. cant see flowers so it up to imagination

Pl. check with images at Allium and Amaryllidaceae 

I have been using your valuable resources but could not confirm. Anyway Thank you for your valuable guidance.

I also could not find match with the existing species at given efi site links.

What are the species of Allium reported from your area ?

It was A.prattii.

so it turns out to be a wild onion and not a garlic