Astragalus graveolens Buch.-Ham. (syn: Astragalus bodinieri H. Lév.; Astragalus medullaris Boiss.; Astragalus rotundifolius Royle ex Benth. (ambiguous synonym); Astragalus scottianus Stocks ex Bunge; Astragalus stipulatus Jacquem. ex Baker (ambiguous synonym); Tragacantha graveolens (Buch.-Ham.) Kuntze);
Afghanistan (Kunar / Nuristan, Paktia / Khost), Pakistan (Baluchistan, Swat, Chitral, Kagan, Peshawar), Jammu & Kashmir (Kashmir), India (Himachal Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh), Nepal, China (Yunnan) as per Catalogue of Life

NSD -1 May 2019, Astragalus sp for ID : 6 posts by 4 authors. Attachments (2)- 2 mb and 4 mb.

This pic is from Joshimath, Distt. Chamoli, Uttarakhand. 
Date of pic 14 April, 2019
I think it is Astragalus graveolens
please validate……..

I guess correct ID.

To me also appears close as per


Astragalus graveolens Benth. submission AS7 April22:
Adding some detailed images of Astragalus graveolens which is only presented by two images on our site.

Astragalus graveolens Benth.
Fragrant Milk Vetch
Family- Fabaceae
Photographed in Kullu district, Himachal Pradesh

In April 2022





Catalogue of Life  GBIF  FOP illustration  FOC illustration  IIIM  Flora of China  Flora of Pakistan  

Handbook of Flowering Plants of Nepal (Vol. 1 Gymnosperms and Angiosperms … By K.K. Shrestha, S. Bhattarai, P. Bhandari (2018)

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