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The Ficus genus belongs to a family of mulberry plants and they are the most popular bonsai around the world.

Winters are a time of dormancy for all plants, and this can be seen especially in bonsai, who are particularly sensitive to a change in temperature.

Here are some things to keep in mind while caring for a ficus bonsai in winters:

  1. Bring the ficus bonsai indoors if the outdoor temperature falls below 16° Celsius.

  2. Place the bonsai in front of a warm, sunny window. If you feel cold air coming through the window, do not put the ficus next to it.

  3. Make sure the ficus gets plenty of bright, artificial light. If your home does not receive enough natural light, use a fluorescent bulb.

  4. Water the bonsai only when the soil feels dry, and make sure that the water is drained properly.

  5. Ficus also enjoys leaf misting.

  6. Every two years, at the end of winters, transplant your bonsai into a larger container.

There is no need to fertilise your ficus bonsai in winters. It is a dormant time for them and you should embrace it by letting it be. It may now grow new leaves, and it might shed some old leaves, but just remember, it is waiting to surprise you at the start of spring!