Polygonatum kansuense Maxim. ex Batalin, Trudy Imp. S.-Peterburgsk. Bot. Sada 11: 493 (1891) as per efi thread;

I photographed this species from Vasudhara area (3300m asl), Badrinath (Uttarakhand) in June 2015. It was growing among the boulders and reached a height of 50cm. I suspect it as Polygonatum geminiflorum Decne. Stem, nerves underside leaves and margin of leaves are puberulous. Stemens are inserted in the middle of corolla lobe and very small as compared to anther length. Style is as long as ovary. Other characters are visible in pics.
Please suggest correct ID.

That is definitely not geminiflorum which has the pubescent leaves and leaf margins, but so do the other verticillate species in the region.
Under the current taxonomy this would fall under a very broad circumscription of verticillatum, but this is also wrong. I am about to publish a paper that explores the chloroplast genomes of the Polygonatum and the difference between the European true verticillatum and those from Asia. They are clearly different species, but so determining what name or names are applicable to those in India, Nepal, Bhutan, and China is a little difficult so far based on morphology. Then their are the cytotype differences with some tetraploids, some diploid, and then two different base numbers of x=14 and 15. I think I have it mostly sorted out and maybe later this year this will have an appropriate name.

Polygonatum geminiflorum looks close.

You can see in the middle image a bit of the scabrous stem. That, the three-whorled leaves, and pinkish flowers would lead me to call it P. kansuense.

Thank you … for this determination.
I am taking it as P. kansuense.
The new circumscriptions of various taxa under P. verticillatum are yet to be accepted universally. Though, the species P. vericillatum (as understood in Indian context) is very different from it (P. kansuense) and occurs at relatively lower elevations (up to 3000 m) in this part of the Himalaya.




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