Petroselinum crispum (Mill.) Fuss, Fl. Transsilv. 254 1866. (syn: Apium crispum Mill.; Apium laetum Salisb.; Apium latifolium Mill.; Apium petroselinum L.; Apium romanum Zuccagni; Apium tuberosum Steud.; Apium vulgare Lam. (ambiguous synonym); Bubon humilis Salisb.; Bubon macedonicus L.; Bubon multiflorus Moench; Carum petroselinum Benth. & Hook. fil.; Carum petroselinum var. crispum (Mill.) Beck; Carum vulgare Druce; Cnidium petroselinum (L.) DC.; Ligusticum peregrinum L.; Petroselinum anatolicum Freyn & Sint.; Petroselinum crispum (Mill.) A. W. Hill (ambiguous synonym); Petroselinum crispum (Mill.) Nyman (ambiguous synonym); Petroselinum crispum var. angustifolium (Hayne) Reduron; Petroselinum crispum var. petroselinum (L.) Reduron; Petroselinum crispum subsp. tuberosum (Bernh. ex Rchb.) Soo; Petroselinum fractophyllum Lag. ex Sweet; Petroselinum hortense Hoffm.; Petroselinum hortense var. crispum (Mill.) L. H. Bailey; Petroselinum intermedium Rchb. fil. (ambiguous synonym); Petroselinum macedonicum (L.) Bub.; Petroselinum macedonicum (L.) Garsault; Petroselinum peregrinum (L.) Lag.; Petroselinum petroselinum (L.) Karst.; Petroselinum romanum (Zuccagni) Sweet; Petroselinum sativum Hoffm.; Petroselinum sativum var. crispum (Mill.) Gaudin; Petroselinum sativum subsp. crispum (Mill.) Schübl. & G.
Martens; Petroselinum sativum var. latifolium (Mill.) Gaudin; Petroselinum vulgare Hill; Peucedanum intermedium Simonk.; Peucedanum petroselinum Desf.; Selinum petroselinum (L.) E. H. L. Krause; Sison peregrinum (L.) Spreng.; Wydleria portoricensis DC.);           

Austria (c), Belgium (c), Baleares, England (c), Bulgaria, Corsica, Crete (c),
Slovakia (c), Denmark (c), France, Germany (c), Greece (c), Ireland (c),
Switzerland (c), Spain, Gibraltar, Hungary, Italy, Croatia, Portugal, Malta,
Norway (c), Poland (c), Romania, Sardinia, Sicily, Sweden (c), Crimea, Estonia
(c), Latvia (c), Lithuania (c), European Russia (I), Ukraine (I), Armenia (c),
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Java (I), Peru (I), Algeria (c), Morocco (c), Tunisia (c), Libya (c), Egypt (c),
Galapagos Isl. (I), Belize (I), New Zealand (I), Chatham Isl. (I), South Africa
(I) (W-Cape Prov. (I)), Sao Tome (I), Mexico (I), Guatemala (I), Honduras (I),
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Palma Isl. (I)), Cape Verde Isl. (I) (Sao Vicente Isl. (I)), Hawaii (I) (Kauai
(I), Oahu (I), Maui (I), Hawaii Isl. (I)), Rotuma Isl. (I), Myanmar [Burma] (I),
Pakistan (I),
Philippines (c), Vietnam (I), Laos (I), USA (I) (Arkansas (I),
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Mississippi (I), Montana (I), North Carolina (I), Nevada (I), New York (I), Ohio
(I), Pennsylvania (I), Rhode Island (I), South Carolina (I), Texas (I), Utah
(I), Washington State (I)), Canada (I) (Newfoundland (I), Ontario (I)), Trinidad
& Tobago (I), Afghanistan (I)
as per Catalogue of Life;

Common name: Parsley, Garden parsley



Petroselinum crispum AT JUNE 2019/02 : 8 posts by 2 authors. Attachments (3)- 1 mb or more. 

Petroselinum crispum

Curled Parsley


May 2019
Culinary herb  

I also had some doubts about it based on leaf morphology. It was growing in the house of one Prof. from HPU, Shimla. She has procured the seeds of this culinary herb from the market. So, I did a lot of googling to confirm whether it is parsley or not. I came across  literature which shows that parley is broadly of two types- curly leaf and flat leaf. However, some intermediate types also occur. The flat leaf types are generally having thin smooth leaves. But in my case, they are crisp, shiny and with more prominent veins and not so acute leaf tips. Before sending it to you and to efloraofindia, again did some googling and and found a few matching specimens.

You might have seen in Apiaceae members that leaves vary from base to the top (different at the base, middle and at the top).

In this case, inflorescence is matching with that of parsley. However, I believe in working till my full satisfaction. So, I will click some more pics of leaves. By this time fruits are also mature and I’ll click some pics. I’ll report back soon.

Links where leaves are matching with my pics.

Thanks, …, for the detailed analysis.
If the illustrations in the following link is correct, than you may be right:

Photographs on no. 1 and 4 are of single leaves.


I did some research and observed the plants again. It is surely a curly leaf parsley. 
You might have noticed that leaf morphology in the members of Apiaceae varies greatly from base to the top. My earlier photograph was showing leaves just below the top. I was considering it flat leaf parley till yesterday as I had not seen the lower leaves. Today, I again visited the place and collected some leaves. Uploading a few mobile clicks now. 
Attachments (5) – around 750 kb each.

Thanks a lot, …, for further research.



1. One more click showing the leaf variation from base to the top.

2. Single basal leaf (leaf size can be judged from the size of 2 A4 size papers on which the leaf was kept for the click)

Attachments (2) – 1 Mb each.