Amaryllis belladonna L., Sp. Pl. 293 1753, nom. cons. (Syn: Amaryllis belladonna var. latifolia Herb. …….; Amaryllis blanda Ker Gawl.; Amaryllis longipetala Lem.; Amaryllis obliqua L.f. ex Savage; Amaryllis pallida Delile; Amaryllis pudica Ker Gawl.; Amaryllis regalis Salisb.; Amaryllis rosea Lam.; Belladonna blanda (Ker Gawl.) Sweet; Belladonna pallida (Delile) Sweet; Belladonna pudica (Ker Gawl.) Sweet; Belladonna purpurascens Sweet; Brunsvigia blanda (Ker Gawl.) L.S.Hannibal; Brunsvigia major Traub; Brunsvigia rosea (Lam.) L.S.Hannibal; Brunsvigia rosea var. blanda (Ker Gawl.) Traub ……..; Callicore rosea (Lam.) Link; Coburgia belladonna (L.) Herb.; Coburgia blanda (Ker Gawl.) Herb.; Coburgia pallida (Delile) Herb.; Coburgia pudica (Ker Gawl.) Herb.; Coburgia rosea (Lam.) Gouws; Imhofia rosea (Lam.) Salisb. [Invalid]; Leopoldia belladonna (L.) M.Roem.; Zephyranthes pudica (Ker Gawl.) D.Dietr.);
SW. Cape Prov. as per WCSP;
Ascension; Azores; California; Canary Is.; Cape Provinces; Corse; Cuba;
Dominican Republic; Great Britain; Haiti; Juan Fernndez Is.; Louisiana; Madeira;
Mexico Central; New South Wales; New Zealand North; New Zealand South; Portugal;
South Australia; Western Australia; Zare
as per Catalogue of Life;



Amaryllis belladona from California GS19062019-2: 1 post by 1 author. Attachments (2)

Amaryllis belladona L.
     Syn: A. blanda Ker. Gawl 
    Common nameBelladonna-lily, Naked-lady-lily
Commonly cultivated bulbous perennial with generally one two naked stems arising in late summer, bearing few fragrant pink funnel-shaped pendent flowers.
     The genus is not recorded in our database, some confusion because Amaryllis belladona E. Mey. ex Steud is Nom. Inval., a synonym of Hippeastrum puniceum, a more common plant.
     There is no reason this popular ornamental in not grown in India. We have to find it.
     Photographed from Fremont, California on August 25, 2017.   



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Please ID the plant (cultivated). Photographed in San Francisco yesterday (12.8.20).

One of the Amar-crinums : a cross between Amaryllis & Crinum species (hybrid). 

Looks × Amarcrinum correct ID ! 

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