MS June, 2019/09 Indigofera sp. ? for ID : 8 posts by 3 authors. Attachments (2)

Location : Lurh tlang, Mizoram

Altitude : ca 1,800 m.
Date : 31-05-2019
Habit : Undershrub, up to about 30-45 cm. tall
Habitat : Wild

Looks like Indigofera exilis Grierson & D.G.Long ! 

No. of leaflets are more in Indigofera exilis Grierson & D.G.Long

Flower colour looks something different.

Yes. May be.
It will be better if … sends detailed and clear images.

Do you have more and better images ? If so, pl. post.

Same plant

Attachments (1)- 7 Mb. 

Attachments (1)- 3 Mb. 



plant for id : 17 posts by 5 authors. Attachments (2)- around 700 kb each. 

A shrub growing along roadsides/ wastelands
Place — Theog- Narkanda Road Shimla
Any Idea pls?

Phyllanthus reticulatus

Indigofera cassioides?

Straggling shrub, almost growing at wastelands and roadsides…. Phyllanthus reticulatus

Erect shrub, almost growing at genuine forests(undisturbed)….. Indigofera cassioides,
As per my observation,

that’s good but its about habitat only. habitat is important to start discerning the further facts. many things can share such a habitat.
so, now lets start with looking at scientific classification//keys. how about botanical taxonomic descriptions: that would be truly scientific. how about it?

Leaflets opposite in Indigofera cassioides, apex often retuse;  leaves alternate in P. reticulatus, apex obtuse – acute.

Thank you so much, …, for the explanation, with the simply differentiated character. I too agreed with you,

you gave a key that implied that this case which was growing on the side of the road … would be Phyllanthus reticulatus

I could not agree with that. hence my question above. BUT … replied and told us the differentiating feature. SO now its most likely an Indigofera sp. I am confused with your answer. so what is it, 

… is correct, it’s Indigfera only, not Phyllanthus, what I have commented yesterday that’s as per my native (Andhra Pradesh), it’s could be very common in Shimla that’s why …, wrote like this, and yesterday am out of the station  because I commented from my smartphone that’s why not observed clearly  leaflets, there is clearly opposite, that’s why there is no way to Phyllanthus.

When it was recorded ? Right now P. reticulatus is full of flowers and fruits, not seen in the posted images. 

that’s nice to know. may be you will submit your own case with your wonderful exact photography in a separate thread with the flowers 

silky hairs on branches, so it may be Indigofera exilis 

as per my observations

I can’t see the hairs in the two pictures you submitted. a little enlargement of th image causes blurs.

do you have the original pixel picture. can you submit that so I can enlarge it to see the hairs?

yes hairs are not visible in the only two pictures I have, but very minute hairs were there and if  they come in contact with skin cause itching, I will try to submit the enlarged picture from the field.



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