Mycetinis scorodonius (Fr.) A. W. Wilson & Desjardin, 2005, Agaricus scorodonius Fr., 1815; Gymnopus scorodonius (Fr.) J. L. Mata & R. H. Petersen, 2004; Marasmius scorodonius (Fr.) Fr., 1836; Marasmius scorodonius var. scorodonius (Fr.) Fr., 1836; Mycetinis scorodonius; Mycetinis scorodonius var. dapenae Blanco-Dios, 2014; Mycetinis scorodonius f. scorodonius (Fr.) A. W. Wilson &
Desjardin, 2005; Mycetinis scorodonius var. scorodonius (Fr.) A. W. Wilson &
Desjardin, 2005);



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Mycetinis scorodonius 
(Synonyms – Marasmius scorodonius
Common Name – Garlic Scented Mushroom
Family – Omphalotaceae
Habitat – Found growing under Cedrus deodara canopy especially on Deodar needles.
Photographed at Kullu district, Himachal Pradesh 
Dated – 25 June 2019


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