How popular is efi site among non-members, whether taxonomists or laymen?
I would like to have your views, if you are aware of some non-members, in this regard.
Also what can be done further so that it becomes more popular among both these sections?

Thank you for your mail. Indeed, eflora page is playing a vital role in our life. An example, being a Plant Taxonomy student I am almost daily visiting the eflora site to confirm or compare the plant species. I think we can start to make it more comprehensive by adding the detailed distribution in India and brief description and keys, at least for the families/ genera had been worked out previously, through the revisions. 

Thanks, … A very important feedback. Yes, I am working on these aspects of detailed distribution in India (where ever available on net) and keys, where ever I am revising a genus on the site either directly or through links of eFloras/ BSI Flora of India (though down since long)/ Local books available on net etc.
But progress is certainly slow as we need more volunteers who can take up such works. I can certainly train them for this work. 

I am sure eFI is used to very great extent by non-members.
Surely, it is used as much as any good Flora site by students, enthusiasts and subject experts.
And not before long, they convert themselves to be a member. Because, it is more fun by way of querying / responding / contributing !
I think frequency of people joining eFI, is always on increase, a sure indicator of popularity.
Simple statistical analysis of how many joinees are – from which field / their reason for wanting to join the group, tells about group’s rising popularity and credibility.

Thanks, … Yes, very important feedback.
Yes, lot of research scholars are joining and contributing to building of eFI as are passionate persons from other field.


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