Angelica nubigena (C.B.Clarke) P.K.Mukh., Bull. Bot. Surv. India 24: 42 1982 publ. 1983. (syn: Heracleum nubigenum C.B.Clarke);

Sikkim, Nepal, India (E-Himalaya) as per Catalogue of Life;


Notes on some Sino-Himalayan species of Angelica and Ostericum (Umbelliferae)– Pimenov, M. G. & Kljuykov, E. V.– Willdenowia 33: 121-137. 2003- (Abstract- Based on own field observations and collections as well as on material from various herbaria, Sino-Himalayan species of Angelica and Ostericum were studied, emphasizing fruit anatomy. A. indica from NWHimalaya, Uttar Pradesh, a species allied to A. glauca, is described as new to science. Three combinations, Ostericum longipedicellatum and O. muliense, for two species here transferred to that genus, and Heracleum oncosepalum, for a species excluded from Angelica, are validated. The known distribution range of the Himalayan A. nubigena is extended to SE Tibet, and, inferred from fruit anatomy, the species is shown to be closely allied to A. cyclocarpa. Reconsideration and comparison of Chinese Angelica species described by European botanists prior to the mid 1930s and by Chinese botanists in the 1960s finally led to the recognition of new synonyms of A. duclouxii, A. laxifoliata, A. nitida and A. wilsonii)