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Rajnagar, Kumarghat, Tripura
Kindly identify

Pl. check comparative images at 

fruits remind me of pongamia

It is climber, it is not tree
It is not Pongamia, it is probably Derris

Ok, thanks. 

Do you know the species in your area?
… has reported three species from his area, which is close to your i.e. Derris lushaiensis, D.monticola and D.robusta are recorded in Mizoram.

Of the three species stated by him, I did not get any image or herbarium specimen on net for Derris lushaiensis
Derris robusta looks different as per images and details at

Forest Plants of Eastern India By Amal Bhusan Chaudhuri (1993) mentions five species with keys. But to me keys appears to be confusing and not matching with GBIF specimens.
Pl. check
Derris microptera Benth. at GBIF 
Derris ferruginea Bentham in Miquel as per FOC illustration & GBIF
Derris marginata (Roxburgh) Bentham in Miquel as per FOC illustration
Derris cuneifolia at GBIF

Aganope polystachya (Benth.) Thoth. & D.N.Das as per GBIF

I think flowers would have helped.

Thank you very much
The area where my specimen was found(North Tripura) is near to Mizoram
These are mentioned with reference to Tripura
Derris acuminata
Derris trifoliata
Paraderris cuneifolia
Represented by 5 species in the study area (Deb, 1981); out of which 3 species are lianas
D. cuneifolia
D. ferruginea
D. marginata


I still do not know the name of the species

I have attached some more photos.
8 additional images

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