Clematis heracleifolia var. tubulosa (Turcz.) Kuntze (syn: Clematis davidiana Decne. ex Verl.; Clematis heracleifolia var. davidiana (Decne. ex Verl.) Forbes & Hemsl.; Clematis heracleifolia var. davidiana (Decne. ex Verl.) Kuntze; Clematis heracleifolia f. rosea (Nakai) W. T. Lee; Clematis heracleifolia var. urticifolia (Nakai ex Kitag.) U. C. La
& Fl. Korea; Clematis tubulosa Turcz.; Clematis tubulosa var. davidiana (Decne. ex Verl.) Franch; Clematis tubulosa var. rosea Nakai; Clematis urticifolia Nakai; Clematis urticifolia var. carnea Nakai; Clematis urticifolia var. rosea (Nakai) Nakai ex Kitag.) ?;

Cultivated, garden flowers seen in a park in Manhattan during June,17.

Campanula or Clematis?

campanula: five petals usually. clematis floral tube shape is different. your picture 1 and 2 are the same. any more better focussed and whole shrub pictures?

May be some Clematis species ?

Clematis sp. I hope.

Thanks for suggesting Clematis. Could be Clematis pitcheri? Purple Leatherflower?

Just a guess.

may be clematis urticifolia?

I think … may be right in her id of Clematis urticifolia as per

Please, this may have been asked already but do you have images showing the foliage? I am not at all comfortable with this being any type of Clematis. Thank you.

I am adding a cropped picture showing the tender trifoliate leaves.
Hope this helps.

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see species paragraph

Please forgive me but that is not an image to clearly show the foliage. It is focused only on the blooms which are arranged in a whorl around the stem. Again I say, this looks nothing like any Clematis. I realize we are limited by the few images available and it saddens me.
Did you take the time to smell the flower or foliage? How tall was the entire plant? It does not appear to be a vine; was it a mounding shape? Thank you.

Yes I share your sentiments but I do see the serrate edges to the leaves and in the last picture… an emerging leaf seems to be trifoliate. giving … all the benefits of doubt

I couldn’t get closer to the flowers, they were seen from a distance.
When you visit a place as a tourist, the time is limited. Also, everything you see around is new to you.
At times, we are not able to do justice to each and every plant.

Wish I could have had more time to spend at the park.

Clematis heracleifolia DC. POWO



References: Catalogue of Life 

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