Boehmeria zollingeriana Wedd. (syn: Boehmeria diversiflora Miq.; Boehmeria heteroidea Bl.; Boehmeria heteroidea var. latifolia Gagnepain; Boehmeria zollingeriana var. latifolia (Gagnep.) T. H. Nguyên; Ramium zollingerianum (Wedd.) Kuntze);
China (S-Yunnan), SW-India, Thailand, Vietnam, Laos, Java, Myanmar [Burma] as per Catalogue of Life

Boehmeria zollingeriana var. zollingeriana is available in our area as per details at Catalogue of Life (SW-India (Karnataka, Kerala, Tamil Nadu), Sri Lanka), but I could not find any posting of this in our site so far. Also from specimens available in GBIF means that it may be quite rare in our area.



Catalogue of Life  GBIF (High
resolution specimens)