Gagea jaeschkei Pascher (syn: Gagea jaeschkei var. grandiflora Pascher; Gagea pamirica Grossh.; Gagea pamirica var. spitiensis Balodi & Uniyal);


Afghanistan; Kazakhstan; Pakistan; Tadzhikistan; Uzbekistan; West Himalaya;
as per Catalogue of Life



Fwd: Plants for identification. :  1 correct image. 2 posts by 2 authors.
In the last week of April 13 we visited some cold desert area of Lahoul Spiti and collected some samples of rare plants which needs identification. Attached two samples 

Seems to me Gagea lutea (L.) Ker.-Gawl. (Liliaceae).

For the first image as inserted below in the thread, Keys in Flora of Pakistan lead me to Gagea jaeschkei Pascher

I could only get one high resolution specimen in GBIF.
I hope this id is correct.

References: Catalogue of Life  high resolution specimen GBIF (High resolution specimens)  Flora of Pakistan Flora of China