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I got an insightful comments, mentioned in one thread by … (who is deeply involved in Indian Flora facebook group and recently in efi group) as per one thread as below:
For identification of species, I primarily rely on FOI and EFI. Google is helpful too, so are online flora, but not by much.”  
I think this was not much different for me, up to just a few years back. I think it is still the approach if we do not have some new or problem ids. In fact, my use of efi site has been very extensive, particularly in areas where we have comparative images on genus and family pages and now when we have vast collection of images on each page, to rule out any ambiguity. Of course, I supplement it with other sites, when ever required.
I think approach of our members and those on facebook groups etc. may not be much different from two of us, except for specialised experts in their areas.  
Others may also give their comments about this matter.

… statement is true, site is very much useful

I agree with … EFL and FOI are very useful. I pretty much do the same and also consult my books. sometimes I also check the Indian Flora facebook site. 

To me, discussions related to a plant are often as important as the description found in any Flora; definitely an important add-on for studying the plant from personal perspective.
Possibilities of one species confused for another, usually come to light.
Variations in aspects of plant if any, also get to be seen.

Thanks, …, Yes, very unique aspect highlighted.
Another important thing we have is flowering time of our observations.
That is sometimes very important clue to the ids.

There is no doubt in that, and especially in last few months, links to efl website and its individual page come up multiple times in google search. However, to make it useful for general public we have to find ways to correct the ‘Deceptive site’ tag., and sooner we do it better for us. I am talking about general users (not few of us who can access the website). 

Agree with …

The site is meant for general users.

Yes, … is correct what he said about EFI and Indian flora facebook group members, I too agreed with him and … comment also acceptable.

Me Too !

We have 3,00,000 images presently in our group of which 1,75,000  were inserted  up to May 2019. For 300,000 images, with average size of 800 x 600 pixels (which was recommended for our uploads) it should occupy 70-90 GB, Google charges Rs. 1300/- annually for 100 GB. It may not be a big issue, Considering how much effort has gone in most of us contributing our valuable images (duly identified by experts in the group), it may be worthwhile to build a reserve for future through small contributions by us. We can think on these lines if problem persists. In the mean time to be on the safer side, images be first downloaded and then inserted to the website.

Today I had a thorough discussion with my daughter-in-law. We have categorised pages on the basis of accessibility
1. Pages like the main page and alphabetic lists which open normally
2. Pages which show deceptive site for few seconds, then opens but no images are shows, we only see their site address
3. Pages which show deceptive site screen and the page never opens.
     We will work on this tomorrow but problem seems to lie with images. Till we find an alternative solution, I think we change the method of insertion. We may download the images on computer and them insert them through direct upload to our website. This should work. After all we have contributed the same images (and that contributes the bulk mainly by … and others) to Flowers of India, which is working very well.   

Thanks …, for your initiative. 

We have already inserted around 2 lakh images in the site through urls of efi group in past three and a half years.
It is not possible for any human being to really replicate this. If somebody can do it, it will be really appreciable. 
Value of larger images is much more than small images as far as seeing the details are concerned. 
I think it is Google Chrome problem and they have to come out of it. 

first. agree with …, those flora pages are not much help. I like it that …  has been categorizing pages. that’s what I had eluded earlier that the pages that have the problematic images may have to be re-examined… I had not come up with the solution … mentioned..
FOI and EFL are most informative.
in Bing, efl pages come up often in first page listing …

Thanks …
Yes, the problem lies with the inserted images – and very clearly the images that belong to eFI group.
If we go through various pages, we will find some pages showing some images – those are residing somewhere in photo images sites.
Downloading images from eFI Group and uploading to eFI site will work … though we must note that it will start impacting the storage capacity. It is free of charges until some limit, after which there are subscription fees based on storage slabs.
1. We must find a public domain website which allows free uploading (unlimited storage)
2. Images uploaded at such free upload website will be for certain – will have to be uploaded in Creative Commons (shareable-attributed) license category.

Direct uploading of images requires more memory space for the site. Free google sites provide 100MB only. What Singh Sir said is possible only if more memory is provided (in hundreds of GBs or even in TB).

Some other alternative is needed.
Probably, our site has become so data loaded as not imagined by Google while developing this platform of Google sites. 
What is the experience of converting Google sites into new mode. Google always asks for converting site into new. Can it solve the problem ? I have little knowledge about structure and facilities provided in new format of sites as I am still running  eflorapantnagar in old format. Though whenever I login Google ask to convert to new format.

I agree with you … and welcome the idea of going into pay mode of sites.
All those willing, will contribute for the cause of building and maintaining eFI site.
One concern is – the eFI Google Sites is … individual Google account as of now – which needs to be converted to some kind of “organization” account – for a perennial solution.
Someone familiar with making some sort of “organization” to which willing members will join and subscribe to paying money for running the organization.
I have very little knowledge in this regard.
…, the “new site” of Google sites is based on “templates” and is not as friendly as “classic site” that we are used to.
The “new site” in my opinion is good for site having finite pages. Personally I did not like the concept.
But that alternative is open, in case we wish to go in that direction. But must note that it is one-way. “New site” cannot be rolled back to “classic site”.
I am doubtful the “new site” will tackle images inserted from Google Groups.
I have a feeling that Google may have purposefully changed the Group settings – to discourage such image content insertion from Groups to Sites.
It kind of kills their revenue model. But this is just my thinking.

Paying for more space is a good alternative and easily possible. I agree with it. Though I think we may have to ask for more than 70-90GB which is approximate size of our current holdings (images). Images will be uploaded in future and more space will be required.

We, Pillars, Mods may contribute small amount for keeping this site useful for general users. It will be a great honor to contribute to the mission of showcasing plant diversity of India, started by …

One TB ?

I am using bing for now and safari occasionally.
on safari, today as I opened the google group site, a window from the side slid in q was to rate google group experience as soon as I clicked on 5 stars, it disappeared in blink of an eye. it slid out to the right.
I did not get a chance to do a screenshot but I agree with someone above, that this may be either a ploy of their own making but I still think someone’s hacked into our group /or site it thru some of our members images

Google Group is frequently asking for such feedback. 

never happened in last ten years of google and later google chrome. only today!

Just to inform I have upgraded my own Google drive storage drive to 100 GB at Rs. 1300/- per year. Earlier I had opted 20 GB scheme at around rs. 450/- yearly I had to frequently delete slideshows and pictures of our family events. Google has dropped that scheme, so I opted for 100 GB scheme. At least for next many months, I won’t have to delete my files and folders.

I am already having 1 TB scheme so that I have all the efi groups mails with me. 

Oh !! that’s great quota, …
Please let us know we can co-operate to maintain that storage capacity. May be we discuss it in itpmods.

This is not for efi site. 

It is for personal storage of Google mails, Google drive etc. 

Yes, I understand, … I was under the impression that (eFI) Google Sites’s space was getting accounted into Google One subscription of yours.
My misunderstanding !!

I seems like 20 GB they have discontinued 1 TB storage, now 200 GB for 2100 per year or direct 2TB for 6500.

Mine too 100 GB!