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Location: Suryabinayak, Bhaktapur
Date: 7 June 2019
Elevation: 1508 m. 
Habit : Wild 

May be some Tricholoma species. Pl. see

I think wrong suggestion earlier by mistake.
Pl. check comparative images at Class Agaricomycetes

Or can it be some Favolus species as per details at Favolus grammocephalus (Berk.) Imazeki ?

Does not look like matching and not listed according to book. 

Yes …, It is definitely some Polyporaceae family member 
Most likely some Favolus sp. 
Can’t say about species better to left it upto genus level.

It seems to be similar to Trametes species- Suryabinayak, Bhaktapur, Nepal

Pl. check.
What are the species listed in your book ?

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Listing here for future references, on genus page:
Trametes betulina
Trametes cervina
Trametes cingulata
Trametes foliaceodentata
Trametes gibbosa
Trametes hirsuta
Trametes hyssogenus
Trametes incana
Trametes pubescens
Trametes scabrosa
Trametes tephroleuca
Trametes versatilis
Trametes versicolor

Is it some Favolus species?

Could be Oligoporus, Trametes or similar