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Rajnagar, Kumarghat, Tripura
Kindly identify

Tacca chantrieri ‘green isle’ ??

I do not think matches with images of Tacca chantrieri ‘green isle’ on net.

It appears to be wild, as … is posting generally images from wild.
Also could not find a match as per comparative images in efi site so far at Tacca
Flora of China reports only these species along with Tacca subflabellata, which only have distribution in China and also does not match with posted image as per FOC illustration
Hi, …,
What are the other species of Tacca reported from your area ?

Thank you
Earlier I sent you Tacca chantrieri with white flower from Pongcharra area (I called it Tacca chantrieri because the seeds are crescent shaped). I also found Tacca chantrieri with black flower from Kalitila area near Bangladesh border (Seeds are crescent shaped). The colours of both seeds are different: one is black (white flower) and other one is brown (black flower).
This green one is from a place near by Pechartal and the seed pods are bigger.
If you want more photos of all the three varieties, I will collect and send to you. If you want photo of any specific part of the plant, please inform me.

Tacca integrifolia

Thanks, … But to me looks different from images at Tacca integrifolia

If you can send addition images, it will be nice.

I am enclosing some more photos
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has this been shown to … yet?

Yesterday I saw, someone is using Tacca plantaginea for green tacca
Here is one article on Tacca plantaginea but I am not sure. The seeds are oblong ovoid.
researchgate : Tacca plantaginea Hence Drenth Taccaceae- A new angiospermic record for Bangladesh

Pl. post high resolution image of 1st.
I am having doubts as per GBIF

There are 4 varieties of Tacca plants in Andarcharra under Pecharthal post office in North Tripura
1) Tacca chantrieri dwarf plant with black flower [Seeds are small, black colour, crescent shape]
2) Tacca species tall plant with black flower [Seeds are big, black colour, irregular shape]
3) Tacca chantrieri dwarf plant with white flower [Seeds are small, brown colour, crescent shape]
4) Tacca species tall plant with green flower [Seeds are big, black colour, irregular shape]

All are wild.

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