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Observed this herb plant at Sub-Tropical Bamboo forest of Nechiphu, West Kameng in the month of late August, 2019. 
The plant seems to be a species of Lamiaceae family and both the stem and leaves are covered with thick hairs.

I request to all the respected eminent members of the group to help me identify this plant.

Do you have close up of the flowers? If so, pl. Post. 

No, I don’t have it Sir.


Utricaceae  member?

On zooming I can clearly see It is a Lamiaceae member 

Lamiaceae for sure !

Any idea about the genus of this Lamiaceae member ?

lamiaceae sp but that’s where it should stay until such time as when we get properly exposed photos of the flowers and other routine shots showing habit, habitat etc. but flowers mostly. Agree with …

Lamiaceae. Can’t remember the genus name.. will search for it.

May be some Nepeta species as per comparative images herein.