Begonia obversa C.B.Clarke, J. Linn. Soc., Bot. 25: 26 1889.;

Re: Small shrub from Pecharthal North Tripura : 11 posts by 5 authors. 2 images.

I request you to identify

A Begonia sp.

agree with …

No doubt about it but I could not close in to the proper ID !

Pl. also check comparative images at Begonia

B. cathcartii?

In my opinion it looks slight different from B. cathcartii …!

Details are not clear.

May I request you to pl. post original images.

Any chance of Begonia surculigera Kurz  ? I hoe … could guide us. POWO

It is not B. cathcartii. Any opinion on my earlier suggestion : Any chance of Begonia surculigera Kurz  ? I hoe Dr.Hughes could guide us. POWO ??

I think this could be B. obversa, which so far is only known reliably from the type. Very interesting!

You mean WCSPPOWO and CoL have not correctly listed it (B. obversa C. B. Clarke) as a syn. of Begonia picta Sm. and it should be a valid species ?

Correct, B. obversa is an accepted species, last published in the Camfield & Hughes account (2018). I’m not aware of any publications which have it in synonymy, so I can’t see why POWO etc have it so.