Fagus grandifolia Ehrh., Beitr. Naturk. 1: 22 1787. (syn: Fagus alba Raf.; Fagus americana (Pers.) Sweet; Fagus americana f. caroliniana (Loudon) Farw.; Fagus americana latifolia Wangenh.; Fagus atropunicea Sudw.; Fagus ferruginea Aiton; Fagus ferruginea var. caroliniana Loudon; Fagus grandifolia var. caroliniana (Loudon) Fernald & Rehder; Fagus grandifolia var. heterophylla Camp; Fagus grandifolia f. mollis Fernald & Rehder; Fagus grandifolia f. pubescens Fernald & Rehder; Fagus heterophylla Raf.; Fagus latifolia L’Hér. ex Steud., pro syn.; Fagus nigra Raf.; Fagus purpurea Desf., nom. nud.; Fagus rotundifolia Raf.; Fagus sylvatica var. americana Pers.; Fagus sylvatica var. atropunicea Marshall, nom. illeg.; Fagus sylvatica var. ferruginea (Aiton) N.Coleman; Fagus sylvestris F.Michx.; Fagus virginiana Wesm.);    

E. Canada to C. Mexico as per WCSP;

Alabama; Arkansas; Connecticut; Delaware; District of Columbia; Florida;
Georgia; Illinois; Indiana; Kentucky; Louisiana; Maine; Maryland; Masachusettes;
Michigan; Mississippi; Missouri; New Brunswick; New Hampshire; New Jersey; New
York; North Carolina; Nova Scotia; Ohio; Oklahoma; Ontario; Pennsylvania; Prince
Edward I.; Qubec; Rhode I.; South Carolina; Tennessee; Texas; Vermont; Virginia;
West Virginia; Wisconsin
as per Catalogue of Life;




Tree for ID : New Jersey : 08OCT19 : AK-04 : 3 posts by 2 authors. Attachments (4)
Tree seen on the lane leading to the Earth Centre in New Jersey.

This tree could also be Fagus Species?
Just a guess.
It’s similar to the one I posted recently.

only beech in north American region is Fagus grandifolia. your leaves seem to be