Himalaiella abnormis (Lipsch.) Raab-Straube (syn: Saussurea abnormis Lipsch.; Saussurea neglecta F. Ludl. ex W. T. Stearn);
India (C- to W-Himalaya, Uttar Pradesh), Nepal, S-Tibet as per Catalogue of Life;



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Location: Manang, Central Nepal 
Date: Not known
Elevation: 3800 m.

Habitat : Wild.
Sent by a friend.

thistle. what kind? I, at least, cant tell from this picture.

Not Thistle. It has been identified as Himalaiella abnormis (Lipsch.) Raab-Straube !

Thank you. the leaves should have been my clue. will try to remember the pattern



Catalogue of Life  POWO  GBIF (High
resolution specimens) Flora of China 
FOC illustration  India Biodiversity Portal  

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