Dear Friends

The next Tree Appreciation Walk is on20th October 2019 at Turzon,Charkop.

Turzon is a unique place-where tropical forest meets mangrove forest and jungle becomes mangal. One side there is a hillock full of tropical forest trees while the other side is a mangrove forest. In-between lies the water body full of Lotus! During monsoon wild flowers come up & then grasses.

Last time we had concentrated on mangroves of Turzon. Now it will be wild flowers. Luffa aegyptica is in full glory with male & female flowers and fruits of all sizes. Two types of Corchorus is seen …our back bone of jute industry. We will also discuss  pollination in Ficus hispida[Kala Umbar] which like Ficus carica[anjeer] is dioceous,where husband/wife live separately!How does the designer wasp of Kala Umbar,who came into existence 75 million years ago…manages this!

Come and find out.

Date         :  20th October 2019 at 8 a.m.

Duration :  2 hours

Meeting Point: Last bus stop of Bus No. 276 Charkop Sector 8.

Bus starts from Kandivali Station [West side] & get down at the last stop.  If you come by Rickshaw say  Sector8 Charkop last bus stop.

Google Maps link to the meeting point….

Please carry water, wear cap and proper shoes.


Registration is compulsory as the path is very narrow and difficult for large number of people to pass through & I am alone. We are taking 20 people and request you to send the email to me  for registration……


Usha Desai  :


And as you all are aware that in forest we have to follow certain Do’s & Don’ts……..Here are some….

a)     Please wear dull cloths only……preferably dark green, brown, black.

b)    No plastics bags or wrappers…..carry food or snacks in boxes which you carry back home.

c)   Carry Odomos or any mosquito repellent, drinking water.

d) Stay with the group.

e) Each one responsible for their own safety .

f])Take nothing from nature.

    Leave nothing behind except your footprints.

List of the plants will be given later 


TAW Team

you perhaps are getting used to my saying how I envy you folks,
but I do. have fun and do send some pictures

Most of the pics from Mumbai that I post have been clicked during these TAWs.
These 2 ladies (Dr. Usha Desai and Renee Vyas) are doing tremendous work in raising awareness about the flora around us.
Alongwith providing basic info about the plants, they make these walks so interesting with stories, uses, any historical info that may be attached with the plant, any exploration related details etc. They also get articles and pics that help explain or give more information about these plants.

It is heartening to see the enthusiasm and the love for plants they have and share with all of us.
These TAWs are one of the main contributors to my interest in appreciating and documenting plants. I am sure they have inspired and kindled this love in many others as well.

wonderful …
so share those stories along with your submission.
Gurcharanji and I had started a story telling  thread way back when
to get the botany or gardening related stories here in this group.
and if Dr Usha N Desai gives you references for those articles, do share. it would enrich us.
MY thanks to Usha and Renee.

Great going !