Clematis ‘Multi Blue’;


Clematis Species for ID : Purple Flowers : New Jersey : 14OCT19 : AK-20 : 7 posts by 3 authors. Attachments (5)

Another Clematis Species seen in a home garden.

Again in June 2017.
A cultivated plant.

It may be the same as earlier posts ??

this one is closer to the original Clematis X jackmanii. look at the skinny petals esp the first picture. the extra petals in the 4th one. if on the same vine, not sure what that would make it? a genetic mutation ?  if its a different separate plant/vine need to think

It’s from the same vine.

But few flowers only, not in multiples.

This is the picture of the vine.
This picture is not clicked by me, but by my friend.

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well, then. clematis has been considered a difficult /aberrant member of Ranunculaceae, in this case the “aberration” seems to be
the petalloid staminates..
one of the vagaries in this group.. they are not new statements.

These descriptions go all the way back to 1872 when Mr Jackman wrote about the Clematis

I hope Clematis ‘Multi Blue’



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