The below plants are planted along pedestrian path and along roadside, inside the Zoo(RF is taken to provide an environment for fauna): 

Exotic Invasive plants:

1. Spathodea campunlata (My comments:will easily enter the forest. It is already naturalized and entered even my garden…)

2. Tabebuia rosea (My comments:-not even shade tree at Summer.)

3. Mahagony came (My comments:here from Africa for timber…)

4. Markamia lutea

5. Cordia sebastiana

6. Simarouba glouca

7. Terminalia cadappa  

More than 200 trees are planted.

Any Botanists, possible to provide a signed certificate or letter that the above species should not be in a forest.

I tried everything;last option left:Legal.
Any Chennai advocates who likes environment in this group please provide contact details.

Pometia pinnata also….

You may try with MNS group (Madras Naturalists Society), Chennai.  There are plenty of  members from Chennai alone who may be able to hear your grievance & respond.If you need I can provide the email ID. 

You may also try with NIzhal group associated with trees (tree planting & related activities) in Chennai 

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