Clematis ‘Rouge Cardinal’ ;

Another Clematis with dark pink flowers seen in a home garden.
Pictures taken in
Would this also be Clematis X ‘Jackmanii’?

Clematis ‘Rouge Cardinal’ (LL) ??

Thanks for the id.
These pictures were also taken in June,17.

I missed completing my sentence in the post.

Is this correct ?

difficult to judge from just the flowers. without knowing the pruning history etc

but the flowers of Clematis X ‘Jackmanii’ are multiples on the same branch, where as Clematis ‘Rouge Cardinal’ tends to be single flower on a twig/branch. both are deciduous, late season bloomers. both have similar sized flowers. that’s what I remember. also, this is supposed to be deep pink, though in my screen the color seems to be burgundy, hence the confusion may be, …

These flowers were few, not many.
The color of flowers is a deep dark pink.
The buds/flowers seem to be single on a branch.

Let me check for more pictures.

ok. just go click happy from now on. I do. then one can delete. its only expense is time taken in deleting

Appears close to Clematis ‘Rouge Cardinal’ as per

Thanks a lot. … had suggested the same too. It looks close to me as well.

classification of clematis is not just based on color matching.
Clematis ‘Rouge Cardinal’ is a group 3 clematis. do we know the pruning history.

can … find out?


Clematis ‘Rouge Cardinal’ from California-GS30012021-2
2 images.
Clematis ‘Rouge Cardinal’
Cultivar with crimson red up to 15 cm across flowers
Photographed from Summerwinds Nursery, Sunnyvale, 31-5-2014