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Kindly supply ID

Araceae member,

you obviously saw it in a book. there is name written just below it.
I can not read it in computer screen but if you have the book Xerox that page in bw, you can then read the scripted name

From where this has been taken ? Is the name written is of the painter ?
Pl. also check comparative images at Araceae

The name written is not of the painter..
‘Venus Alibis’ could be an old botanical name or sub species for this plant. 

I could not find any such botanical name of a plant.

Same here… thats why I posted..

Lasimorpha senegalensis Schott ??

Arum maculatum more likely.
the arrowhead like leaf contortions in the painting are similar to Arum maculatum.
spathe is whitish. this is an old herbal remedy. Culpeper’s herbal published in 1649 has a section.
Wikipedia shows many many names, some eluding to male female organs. venus in old name perhaps refers to it and ALIBIS means among many meanings: a shield.
the whitish spathe is perhaps the Alibis.
just my conjecture.
the reason I don’t think it is Lasimorpha senegalensis Schott. the leaf macromorphology is different. spathe is more linear and has a violetish edge to the spathe and is limited to African nations in central and western regions.
and old herbals I can consult do not talk of this plant
venus alibis points to an old or even ancient name. I cant find my pliny the elder books when I do we can search for this particular name
NOW … tell us what book did you find this picture in ? 

Perfect find …!

Your assessment seems spot on! The thing is that I paint water colors. 
A friend of mine has requested me to paint 6 Botanicals for her new beach house. 
The designer selected a set of prints of which this was one. I have to write the titles too. So wanted to be absolutely sure. 
Thinking I will use ‘Arum Maculatum’. Check the attached pictures that I have to paint. Thank you all so much for the detailed explanations. 
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I am glad the information was useful.
I thought you had  a botany… citizen scientist kind of request, and so.
I spent a great deal of my personal (little left over from looking after an aunt with dementia) time on this case because Venus Alibis as a plant name smelled of Pliny the elder or his era.
I hope you have a good time painting them and get a good remuneration for them.

Thank you so much for your time…. God bless you for your sense of duty…. not a joke looking after such people. 
Btw, I paint for fun and haven’t charged anybody anything yet. 🙂

don’t do it, …, for free esp if your are good at it. see etsy us site for monetizing.
I have seen it happen a lot. property owners will impose in name of friendship. I see it a lot in west Bengal. artists are asked cajoled shamed etc to give away their art.
you must respect your art and hours.
Dr Deepak Chopra says its exchange of energy. making art takes time and energy=== making money requires time and money. 
better still, keep your originals and make Giclee prints. to give or sell. keep you copyright.
so I hope you donot do ditto to dotto copy of those prints. look at google images and come up with your own.
ang look at etsy esp art of an architect turned artist called Geninne D. Z latkis