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Kindly identify the plant
Date/Time- 22 SEP 2019

Location-Place, Altitude, GPS–  Savandurga Hill, Karnataka 562201, 12° 55′ 23.24” N 77° 17′ 43.48” E. Altitude 1139
Habitat- Garden/ Urban/ Wild/ TypeWild
Plant Habit-Tree/ Shrub/ Climber/ HerbShrub
Height/Length90 cm.
Leaves – In whorls
Flowers – Light purple. In the photo only buds are seen.

Lobelia species ?

To me looks different from comparative images at Lobelia 

Hygrophila sp. ?

I don’t think it is Hygrophila

We should ask … for more photos, including flowers and if possible, fruits

I am stumped. I have been looking at this since last one month or so and digging but nothing remotely comes up.
follow up photographs of the same or similar plants would be necessary

Did it flower … ?

I may have to do another trek to Saavandurga to find out further development of the plant. I hope it will be soon.
Thanks for interest shown by all of you.

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