Fistulina hepatica (Schaeff.) With., 1801 (syn: Agarico-carnis lingua-bovis Paulet, 1793; Boletus buglossum Retz., 1769; Boletus bulliardii J. F. Gmel., 1792; Boletus hepaticus Schaeff., 1774 (ambiguous synonym); Boletus hepaticus Vent., 1812 (ambiguous synonym); Buglossus quercinus Wahlenb., 1820; Ceriomyces hepaticus Sacc., 1888; Confistulina hepatica (Lloyd) Stalpers, 1983; Fistulina buglossoides Bull., 1791; Fistulina buglossum (Retz.) Pers., 1794; Fistulina endoxantha Speg., 1921; Fistulina hepatica var. endoxantha (Speg.) J. E. Wright, 1961; Fistulina hepatica var. hepatica (Schaeff.) With., 1801; Fistulina hepatica var. monstrosa Peck, 1900; Fistulina sarcoides St.-Amans, 1821; Hypodrys hepaticus (Schaeff.) Pers., 1825; Hypodrys hepaticus var. hepaticus (Schaeff.) Pers., 1825; Hypodrys hepaticus var. violascens Pers., 1825; Ptychogaster hepaticus Lloyd, 1909);



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Location:  Harthok, Palpa
Date: 25 September 2019
Elevation:1400 m.
Habit : Wild

May be Fistulina hepatica or related species.
Family – Fistulinaceae

… nice images but it would be much easier to confirm its identity, if you had dissected it from middle.

Only one Fistulina hepatica is listed in Nepal according to the book but do not look like matching!

Pl. see the following images of Fistulina hepatica
Mushroom Experts says: Pore Surface: White to pale pinkish, becoming yellowish and eventually reddish brown in age; bruising brown; tubes distinctly separated, to 1.5 cm long, mouths circular.
The straw-yellow pores of Fistulina hepatica become reddish-brown as the fruiting body ages; they bruise deep red-brown.
So it may be Fistulina hepatica if under surface is an issue.