Pueraria wallichii DC. (syn: Dolichos frutescens D.Don);
Bangladesh (N) ; Bhutan (N); China (U) ; Xizang Zizhiqu ; Yunnan; India (N) ; Assam ; Meghalaya; Mizoram ; Sikkim; Uttar Pradesh; West Bengal ; Myanmar (N); Nepal (N) ; Thailand (U) as per ILDIS;

Shrubs, sometimes climbing. Branches slender, thinly pu­bescent or glabrescent. Stipules basifixed, lanceolate, caducous; stipels small, bristly; terminal leaflet obovate, 10-13 cm, abax­ially with few adpressed hairs, adaxially green, glabrescent, base deltoid, margin entire, apex caudate-acuminate. Racemes up to 15 cm, often fascicled or paniculate; peduncle long, slender. Pedicels slender, clustered at nodes of rachis. Calyx ca. 4 mm, subglabrous; teeth obscure or very broad, lower ones broader. Corolla white to reddish; standard obovate, ca. 1.2 cm, base narrowed into a short claw, without auricles; wings slightly shorter than curved keel; keel equal to standard. Vexillary sta­men only free at base, other part joined with filament tube. Leg­umes straight, 7.5-12.5 cm × 6-12 mm, glabrous. Fl. Sep-Oct.

Hill slopes in forests or thickets
India: Assam, Bihar, Southern India; Thailand, China
(Attributions- Compiled from secondary sources listed in references by Kishor Deka for the Assam Biodiversity Portal project from India Biodiversity Portal)

A Fabaeae member for Identification : 11 posts by 5 authors. Attachments (3)
Request your help in identification of a Fabaceae member (Climber), wild.
Location: Meghalaya, (Mawsynram)
Altitude: 1300m appx.
Photographed in:Septermber 2018
Only flowers seen.

desmodium sp?

Any idea about the genus ?
Does not match with comparative images at Desmodium

Looks like not matching with efi.

Any idea about the genus ?

… just guessing – Phaseolus ?

Does not seem to match with any of the species in efi so far as per comparative images at Phaseolus


We do not have any species in this genus in efi so far.


… may check from the species reported from the area.
Does not match with the existing species in efi at Pueraria

More likely species of Pueraria. Its aggressive climber on road side in North East.

An UPDATE on this elusive Fabaceae climber.
Could it be Pueraria wallichii?
P. wallichii is present in Meghalaya, has trifoliate leaves and pink-tinged flowers. But I had not dissected the flowers nor had I taken a good picture of the leaves.
But from the photographs, it does appear to be P. wallichii.
Your expert comments would be most helpful.

Yes, you are right, …, as per images at Pueraria wallichii DC.



SK941 08 JAN-2018 : 14 posts by 3 authors. Attachments (6)

Location: Suryabinayak, Nepal
Date: 7 January 2018
Elevation: 4600 ft.
Images not so good quality due to very long shot !
Fabaceae …???

Pl. check
Was it near habitat?

It was in wild and located at the edge of the forest about 60/70 ft. above the road so the images could not be  better.
However, it is not in the vicinity of people habitat.

I asked you because pods looked like that.

Yes …, it looks like but I guess it is some wild sp.

Unusual flowering in this season.
Appear closer to Desmodium elegans.

Only confusion is the flowering season and seed pods which looks different !

Yes, your confusion is valid. Pods are different than Desmodium, no constriction between two seeds!
I wonder what it could be then?

Could not find a match as per images at Fabaceae (Leguminosae)

Is it a climber

Thanks, … Appears so from the habit image in the first picture.

I guess it is a shrub.

Pueraria wallichii DC. as per SK 2232 19 October 2019


SK 2232 19 October 2019 : 21 posts by 4 authors. Attachments (3)-1, 2 & 2 mb.
Location: Okharpauwa, Nuwakot
Date: 17 October 2019
Elevation: 1712 m.
Habit : Wild 
Which Fabaceae?

Attachments (1)- 7 mb.

Attachments (1)- 7 mb.

Attachments (1)- 7 mb.

Attachments (1)- 2 mb.

climber: or shrub

Scandent / Dangling

so you have pictures of the stem that was dangling? was it woody, hairy etc

Sorry, I could hardly pull the small part of it. By the way stem looks strong and thick like finger !

Flower, calyx remind me of Canavalia sp.

It is not listed in Nepal ! Some Canavalia is syn with Dolichos but not matching.
I guess it is then same one from my earlier post but not yet identified.

Do you have any habit image ?

Unfortunately, no. Actually I saw a couple of flowers lying on the floor and looked for the mother plant but did not find. After a few distance I saw a branch dangling down and pulled it. It looked like scandent shrub rather than a climber.

OK, …

Haymondia wallichii (DC.) A.N.Egan & B.Pan ??
Syn : Pueraria wallichii DC. ??

That is how I came to guess about the ID. Do you think it is correct ?

I think so. Fabaceae is enormous.
I wonder how you came to this Genus !!

I was checking the drawings of Stainton book and it struck my mind and searched the net and came across POWO image.

I also agree with the id as matching with leaf venation and flowers per the following:
GBIF image  Thailand Nature Project  GBIF


Pueraria wallichii DC.: 9 very high resolution images.

Location: Bhaktapur
Date: November 2020
Altitude: 2100m.
Habitat : Wild
Syn : Pueraria wallichii DC.