Inflorescence FOR ID :: Iruppu Falls, Coorg :: 12 NOV 19 : 6 posts by 3 authors. 2 images.
Iruppu Falls  Coorg
Date: November 12, 2019 … Altitude range: about 850 – 1,000 m (2,800 – 3,300 ft) asl
¿ Dioscorea sp. ?  

Dear friends,
I am assuming the inflorescence seen in posted pictures belong to Dioscorea, and this is a very bad guess. There is a mix of many leaves – Dioscorea, Clematis / Naravelia and many others. The branched inflorescence also reminds me of moonseed family member – Diploclisia. I will be glad to know ID just to family level.

so which is the dioscorea leaf?

In the first picture, a stem runs from bottom centre to top centre. There are 4 half folded leaves on the stem. They are Dioscorea leaves.

Here attached is the photo with red circles over the 4 leaves that I mentioned in earlier message, plus another 2 leaves on the stem bearing the inflorescence.
Inflorescence of posted plant resembles that of Dioscorea oppositifolia … those familiar with Dioscorea spp. may please comment.
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Other recipients:
I am inclined towards Clematis / Naravelia .

I am inclined towards Clematis / Naravelia.

OK, … We will wait for comments.

Dioscorea oppositifolia L. ??

I clearly see that the leaves are alternately arranged. Not sure whether such variation occurs in D. oppositifolia.