Allmania nodiflora var. procumbens Hook. fil., Fl. Malay Penins. 3: 4 1924.;
India (S-India) as per Catalogue of Life;

I wish to share all the varieties of Allmania that I have collected.
Allmania nodiflora var. aspera (Roth) Hook.f.1.jpg
Allmania nodiflora var. nodiflora 2.jpg
allmania nodiflora var. procumbens 3.jpg
Allmania longipedunculata (Trimen) Gamble5.jpg
Allamania nodiflora var. roxburghii 4.jpg

Excellent work, …! Thanks for sharing some of the not-so-common varieties/forms of Allmania.
I only collected var. dichotoma, var. nodiflora, and A. longipedunculata from Tamil Nadu.
Thanks again for sharing the pictures.

Wonderful work, …

Thank you, …,

My ambition is to record all our native plants with photographs, since they are most useful and easy tools to know our  wealth; this a small step in this journey, UGC India has sanctioned me a project for digitalising the florstic resources of Velugonda hills  of E.ghats; the native place of Pterocarpus santalinus, Boswellia ovalifoliolata, Decalepis hamiltonii, etc., I am recording almost all parts of a plant in photographs. I am really astonished sometimes, and enjoying the work. JSGamble is my role-model.

Thanks, …, Best wishes in your wonderful journey!!!

As per keys in the book in the link of Flora of Karnataka, your posted image of Allmania nodiflora var. procumbens may be of Allmania nodiflora var. dichotoma (Heyne) Hook. fil.
Pl. confirm.

In your Flickr stream, you have given it as Allmania nodiflora var. longipedunculata. Pl. confirm.

As per keys in the book in the link of Flora of Karnataka, your posted image of Allmania longipedunculata may be of Allmania nodiflora var. procumbens
Pl. confirm.  

Thanks a lot. I will correct 


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