Melocanna baccifera (Roxb.) Kurz, Prelim. Rep. Forest Pegu App. B: 94 1875. (syn: Bambusa baccifera Roxb.; Beesha baccifera (Roxb.) Kunth; Beesha rheedii Kunth [Invalid]; Melocanna bambusoides Trin. [Illegitimate]; Nastus baccifera (Roxb.) Raspail);
Indian Subcontinent to Myanmar: Assam, Bangladesh, East Himalaya, Myanmar, Nepal; Introduced into: Brazil Southeast, Colombia, Ecuador, Jamaica as per POWO;
Assam; Bangladesh; Brazil Southeast; Colombia; East Himalaya; Ecuador; Jamaica; Myanmar; Nepal as per Catalogue of Life;
Common name: Muli Bamboo, Pear Bamboo, Berry bamboo, Terai bamboo • Assamese: তৱাঈ Tavai • Bengali: বিশ Bish, মেটুংগা Metungaa, মূলী Mulii, Paiyya, Payu tullu • Hindi: Mautak, ताड़ी Taadii , Tarai, Tari • Manipuri: মৌবী Moubi • Naga: Turiah • Nepali: Philim bans, lahure bans


Mumbai, MH :: Bamboo for ID :: ARK2019-113 : 6 posts by 3 authors. Attachments (3)
This bamboo is from Sagar Upvan in Mumbai, MH, a cultivated bamboo. Pics were clicked in December 2014.
Requested to please ID, if possible.

I think Bambusa Balcooa please check 

Melocanna baccifera


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