Billbergia macrocalyx Hook., Bot. Mag. 85: t. 5114 1859. (Syn: Billbergia quintusiana Wittm.);

Brazil Northeast; Brazil Southeast as per Catalogue of Life;



Bromeliad for ID : Mumbai : 281111 : AK-2: An Ornamental potted plant, probably a Bromeliad, taken at Jijamata Udyan on the 18th of Nov,11.
Had posted it earlier but could see it flowering during this visit.

cant id it, (cant tell you its binomial) but does look like a bromeliad…
I used to have a whole bunch of them, and the waterpools in its crown would have little tadpoles of the green tree frogs swimming in them, then golf courses sprouted around our homes and they sprayed so much poison to keep the greens green that there was a statewide loss of green frogs and garden lizards… … environmental movement started in earnest then… when the green tree frogs disappeared….

Billbergia amoena

Plant for ID – 23/09/12 – RK2:  Would appreciate ID of this plant. Please excuse picture quality – camera was acting up! Taken in Lalbagh,Bangalore 09/09/12 at 9.30am. Would love to know the ID – i found the plant very interesting & just could not place it…!!

I hope this is Billbergia amoena.
I have photographed it from Jijamata Udyan, Mumbai.

Yes … plant is at … efi thread


Euphorbiaceae week – ?Euphorbia, ID help please 20110312sm:  photographed at the Veer Jijamata Udyan in early January 2011.
Garden shrub, 3-4 ft; was seen growing in a huge pot; no stem, leaves sprang from very close to the ground.
The ?flower / inflorescence was silver in color (as seen in images).
The leaf margin had small spines; leaves stiff, smooth surface and curved laterally.

Bromeliaceae. Some of the so called Cat’s Claw.

Could this possible be Bromelia balansea Mez. or Bromelia pinguin. I came across the description of Bormelia balansae in Aima’s book Pg 64  as follows: ” A large  dense and vicious terrestrial rosette about 3 ft. tall, used for fencing; stiff green leaves with dangerous hook spines facing both directions; center turning red before bloom; flowers white, in paniculate inflorescence forming branches of small. ovoid, orange yellow fruit with pineapple flavour. Can be easily confused with B. pinguin, but balansae has broad sepal tips, while pinguin has needle-like sepal  tips and loose inflorescence.”

Posting my pictures taken at Jijamata Udyan….hope of the same plant.
Taken at the Plant Nursery, a potted plant. One picture was posted earlier on the group….but I missed out the
name in case it was identified.

I think close to images at Billbergia amoena (Lodd.) Lindl. 



Banglore- 7.8.2007;  ID-DKB196 – indiantreepix | Google Groups




SK 2307 23 November 2019 : 7 posts by 3 authors. 4 images– 5 to 7 mb. 
Location: Jawalakhel Flower Show, Lalitpur
Date: 20 October  2019
Elevation: 1300  m.

Habit : Cultivated

a bromeliad

Yes …  

Appears close to images at Billbergia amoena (Lodd.) Lindl. 

Dattaji Salvi Udyan  Thane

Date: January 11, 2020 … Altitude: about 11 m (36 feet) asl

Billbergia ¿ amoena ?    


Thank you very much … I hope you meant yes for the species B. amoena.

Yes, I mean that only.

On check at net, I am not getting confident.
It will b better if you check all species given at

As per comparative images at Billbergia, I think it may come out close to Billbergia macrocalyx Hook.

This is close to Billbergia macrocalyx that I have seen at Rani Bagh (Jijamata Udyan)

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