Pookode Lake  Wayanad

Date: November 13, 2019 … Altitude: about 770 m (2,530 ft) asl

… some Argyreia ?  

Dear friends,
I think this could be Argyreia; please validate the genus. The climber is growing in natural habitat. These photos may not have relevant aspects to reach ID to species. I will be happy to know if it is Argyreia.

Yes, appears to be Argyreia only.

Thank you very much …, for validating the genus.
I will leave the photos labelled to genus level, because there are no other aspects to reach species.

Fruits can be diagnostic, but I am unable to find a match. 

Thanks very much, … Someday eventually we will get to them.
There is no need to resurface this post.

could be Argyreia splendens. just because isee this in the fruit.
i have been looking at these pictures off and on for a few days.
i found one picture of the fruits that are somewhat similar: http://convolvulaceae.myspecies.info/files/argyreia_splendens.jpg
your picture doctored up with arrow: 
if its not this, it must be something similar close to it in the family tree… its not A. nervosa. leaves are too thin and their overall body language of the leaves is  not that of the Samudra sosh. and its ok to leave things at sp level  until further info.
i have hundreds of such cases, its ok to be hopeful rather than be “right’ now, right away. I like your attitude

Thanks … Someday hope to get flowers there during another season.

that would be good. looking forward to those flowers then