Saussurea sp id requested : 9 posts by 4 authors. Attachments (1) – 1 mb.

… has helpfully ided this as Saussurea sp.
Can the id be narrowed down to the species level?
Photo from Betuli Dhar ridge, Thamri Kund Trail, Munsiyari, Uttarakhand

August 2019

Pl. check comparative images at Saussurea  

However, I could not find any match as per comparative images at Saussurea

Closer to Saussurea roylei.

Thank you sirs! The only comparative image of S. roylei I can find is this one in which the plant has gone to seed.

Saussurea picridifolia (Hand.-Mazz.) Y.S.Chen & Qian Yuan. ??
But I could not find listing in Nepal and India !

I guess it is mentioned about its distribution in India and Nepal in Flora of pan-himalaya !
Leaves look different from specimens at GBIF