ANNOV54 Vitaceae shrub for identification : 4 posts by 3 authors. Attachments (11)
Chimmony wildlife sanctuary, Kerala
November 2014

Cissus discolor

Agree with …

As back of the leaves is not coloured and leaves are not blotched above, following Keys in Book link at Flora of Karnataka, I will go for Cissus latifolia Lam. (syn: Cissus gigantea Bedd.; Cissus glauca Roxb.).
Pl. confirm.

…, it’s a magnificent plant. But not known to me

I think it is Cissis discolor.
May be due to light availability the leaves turns to complete green.

Underneath of leaves are not visible in the given pictures.

Underneath is visible partially in one of the images. 

Pl. see the 4th image.

I guess there is no doubt about Cissus javana DC. !

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