Wild plant for ID : Khandala : 260612 : AK-3: A wild plant found growing on a Cluster Fig tree in Khandala on 24/3/11. The second image is cropped. Plant was very tiny and difficult to focus so kindly bear with bad picture quality.

did you see it as a epiphyte ?
A wild guess: Schefflera elliptica ? My guess could be entirely wrong.

On second thoughts, if a climber – the inflorescence reminds of some species of Vitaceae.

After your clue, I checked for Vitaceae on flowersofindia.
You are right as this looks more like Cissus javana or ‘Climbing Begonia’.
Since the Cluster Fig tree was on a steep slope, I couldn’t get closer.
So it is possible that the climber was on the other side, with only flowers visible, making it give a feeling as if they were growing on the Cluster Fig tree itself.

May be Cissus repanda Vahl, but can not be confirmed without leaves. 

Thanks for the id. Let me check if I have more pictures.



I could locate a picture with a new leaf on the left side, below. Hope it helps.

This looks more like Cissus javana, that I had suggested earlier.

I guess more close to Cissus javana DC.