Nagla forest  … part of Sanjay Gandhi National Park

Date: December 21, 2019 … Altitude: sea level to about 600 ft asl

¿ Erythrina variegata ?  

Dear friends, please validate the ID.

But leaves not variegated , sir. 

E. indica ?

Thanks …  The leaves are not variegated, but the bark is !
You may be correct with your thoughts; let us wait for field experts to comment.

Erythrina variegata and E. indica are synonymous. There is however a variety with variegated leaves. I’ve seen it in cultivation only so far and the flowers are white.
It’s difficult to be completely certain of the identity of the images because this kind of striation is sometimes, rarely, seen in E stricta.
Usually the prickles of E. variegata are blackish and fewer in number.
Considering the pictures are from Nagla there is a strong case for E. variegata because this species in the wild is restricted to coastal forests in this area.
It could be one or the other!!! We have to wait until flowering time.
Where exactly is the tree, …?

Thanks … for your comment.
For time until we find the tree in flower / fruit, I will label it as Erythrina sp.
I am not sure where along the main path, the tree is. I will make it a point to show you the next time we visit Nagla.

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