Echeveria ‘Arlie Wright’ ?;


Small, cultivated plant seen in Los Angeles, California on 3/10/14.

I hope Echeveria gibbiflora

Please see my post

Thank you for the id.

Is this…… Echeveria ‘Red Ruffles’, Echeveria gibbiflora

simply e gibbiflora
not red ruffles var
they tend to be spectacularly red.. i’ll post some soon…

Thanks for the correction and additional info.

Many cultivars like the following look similar as per debraleebaldwin
Echeveria ‘Arlie Wright’ (DW)
Echeveria ‘Barbie Doll’ (DW)
Echeveria ‘Blue Curls’ (DW)

Thanks … All look quite similar. Very difficult to choose any particular one.

Echeveria ‘Barbie Doll’ (Wright)

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