Echeveria ‘Colorshift’;


This one is from Darjeeling, in cultivation near a tea estate, wanted to know the specific id of this Echeveria

good luck with a specific id unless one asks the nursery that’s growing it… may not, even then..
cultivating these out in the open???
I thought the indian nurseries that were growing these crassulas and orchids and cacti and taxus …  by the millions for the american nursery wholesalers were very secretive, because of their contracts
regardless its a cultivar of Echeveria ‘blue boy’ or some such… which themselves are cultivars of unknown parentage. The short flower spikes makes me nervous…  

May be even the grower does not know the source, this was growing in pot placed outside a shop, selling tea leaves.. Thanks for the inputs … hopefully we will receive some more inputs..




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Location: Mudkhu, Kathmandu
Date: 17 October 2019
Elevation: 1519 m.

Habit : Cultivated

Echeveria elegans Rose ??  

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nice but why is the inflorescence stalk so short. I wonder. all I see are taller than this one

Appears different from Echeveria elegans Rose 

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