Echeveria ‘Gypsy’ ?;
Echeveria gibbiflora DC.
oreja de burro
Ornamental with with obovate to spathulate leaves, gray green large leaves, 15-35 long, 10-25 cm broad, often purplish crimpled margins; flowers up to 15 in number, on more than 1 m long inflorescence, corolla red to orange.

Photographed from California

Please read subject line as Echeveria gibbiflora from California.

Wonderful uploads from California Surely it is Echeveria gibbiflora

red ruffles, often has spectacular red ruffles edges when native echeveria gibbiflora

the bumps in the leaf surface is the dead giveaway seen on your first pict. left side

Many cultivars like the following look similar as per debraleebaldwin
Echeveria ‘Gypsy’ (DW)
Echeveria ‘Lucy’ (DW)
Echeveria ‘Arlie Wright’ (DW)
Echeveria ‘Alta May’ (DW)

I guess it is close to Echeveria ‘Alta May’ (DW) !

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