Graptoveria ‘Douglas Huth’;



Please suggest id for this succulent, recorded from a garden in Nahan, H.P.

It seems to Graptoveria Douglas Huth. Pls confirm it

could be, no way to confirm it… pictures submitted are not enough… do not show the entire plant… and its habit… there are no other details…
googling for this dx shows one deep pink flower … that too on pinterest … how can one know where that really came from … not scientific on pinterest…
Graptopetalum can indeed grow on shoots and have these star shaped flowers.. so far so good…

1st, 2nd and 4th pic shows a possibility of stalk with the leaf floret on top???

echeveria growing from side shoots is also known..
Side shoot s for flower spike is a norm in echeveria
secondly such wide open flower in echeveria is not un-heard of…
I have neither agreement or disagreement with this suggested ID .. finally at least … is taking a position, bravo…

To me it appears like some Echeveria species like in Echeveria pulvinata Rose 

It can be some cultivar of Echeveria.



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