Platycerium alcicorne Desv., Mém. Soc. Linn. Paris 6: 213 1827. (syn: Acrostichum alcicorne Willem.; Elaphoglossum alcicorne (Willem.) Keyserl.; Neuroplatyceros alcicornis (Willem.) Fée; Platycerium alcicorne (Willem.) Tard.; Platycerium vassei Poiss.;Stemaria alcicornis (P. Willemet) Schott);     

Kenya, Tanzania, Mozambique, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Comoros (Anjouan, Grande Comore,
Mayotte), Madagascar, Mauritius, La Runion, Seychelles,
S-India (I) as per Catalogue of Life;



SK 2382 12 January 2020 : 8 posts by 3 authors. 2 images- 6 to 7 mb each.

Date:  27  November 2019 
Elevation: 1350m.
Habitat: Cultivated
Platycerium alcicorne (P.Willemet) Tardieu ??

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