Celastrus stylosus Wall., Fl. Ind. 2: 401 1824. (syn: Celastrus attenuatus Wall.; Celastrus crassifolius Wang (ambiguous synonym); Celastrus hypoleucus f. puberula Loes.; Celastrus neglecta Wall.; Celastrus stylosus var. angustifolius C. Y. Chen & T. C. Kao; Celastrus stylosus subsp. glaber D. Hou; Gymnosporia neglecta Wall. ex Lawson);   

Bhutan, Thailand, Vietnam, India (Darjeeling, Assam, West Bengal, Arunachal
Pradesh, Meghalaya, Orissa), Sikkim, Nepal,
W-Java, Lesser Sunda Isl. (Lombok,
Timor), Myanmar [Burma] (Bago, Chin), Bangladesh, China (Anhui, Jiangxi,
Hunan,Hubei, Guizhou, Sichuan, Yunnan, Guangdong, Guangxi)
as per Catalogue of Life;



SK 2253 28 October 2019 : 13 posts by 2 authors. 6 images- 515 kb to 4 mb.

Location: Phulchoki, Lalitpur 
Date: 16 September 2019
Elevation: 2318 m.
Habit : Wild

Rhamnaceae by any chance ? 

Initial observation indicates leaf margin and elevation not matching. 

I shall check further!

On checking, you right.
Also does not match with other species mentioned in Checklist of Nepal as per
Ehretia wallichiana as per  GBIF & Biodiversity of Bhutan

Also does not match with Cordia species as per Checklist of Nepal.

Thank you. … Need to check in detail when free!

Viburnum species like Viburnum mullaha as in your recent posts SK 2257 29 October 2019 and SK 2259 30 October 2019 ?

Celastrus stylosus Wall.??

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